How have you been? Introducing MSdialog

Posted on 6 November 2014

For an MS patient, trying to remember exactly how you’ve been over the weeks and months since you last met your doctor or nurse can be a challenge.

Having an easy way to record how MS is impacting your life between clinic visits and to share this with those involved in your care could help you get the most out of your clinic visits.

MSdialog is designed to do just that.

MSdialog is a new web-based personal health record which puts patients in charge. With MSdialog, you can record how MS is impacting your life and information about the medicines you take.

-  MSdialog allows you to create health reports based on your experience by answering a few simple questions and empowers you to share them with your doctor and nurse

-  It displays these reports together with information from your RebiSmart®, so you and your doctor can see a picture over time of the information from your RebiSmart®, treatment adherence and health trends

-  MSdialog then also allows you to set reminders for your future appointments, medications and health reports

Visit to learn more about this exciting new tool.

Partizan has been working with Merck Serono on the connectivity of their electronic injection devices to improve patient engagement and adherence, since 2008.

Partizan programme data helps E45 win best OTC Trade campaign

Posted on 10 September 2014

Striking images reinforced by published clinical data from Partizan’s Create. Cover. Care. eczema support programme helped to expand the reach of Reckitt Benckiser’s E45 brand amongst doctors, and secure the award for best OTC & Professional Advertising Campaign at the British OTC Marketing Awards.

The winning campaign used patient reported outcome data from the Create. Cover. Care. patient support programme that showed significant reductions in GP visits at 3 and 12 months. The data was cleverly portrayed in letters to doctors written by young patients for whom the Create. Cover. Care programme had changed their life. The letters explained to their doctor that they would not be seeing them as often, to highlight the reduced GP visit data.

See the full adherence programme measurement publication at

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